Multi Magic Tournament


MAGIC COIN TOURNAMENT is a system for tournament based on MAGIC COIN JACKPOT SEREVER with T1 modification, produced in Bulgaria for the first time by Magic Coin Ltd. Company.

The system is based on the Magic Coin Slot machines MULTI MAGIC, MAGIC COIN CASINO, FRUITY SWEETIES, HUNT HUNT HUNT, LOS BANDIDOS, CAPTAIN CASH and a server for start, organization and results’ display from the slot tournaments. The visualization of the earned points is displayed on the video slot machine as well as on the display/monitor, situated in the hall. In order to differ from the ordinary game, a TOURNAMENT sign is displayed on the monitor, on the Jackpot screen if available, and the temporary position/classification.

The slot tournaments are carried out

– for time

- for credit

- for time and credit

The start is common for all machines

The winner is the participant who wins maximum points at the slot tournament. The competition is carried out at maximum bet if desired by the participants.

The system is approved by BIM.