Progressive Jackpot (ROULETTE)

Progressive Jackpot (ROULETTE) is an unique jackpot and progressive mysteries’ system for the electronic roulettes of Magic Coin Ltd., and for those, supporting SAS 6.02 protocol. It actually connects unlimited number of electronic roulettes, situated in different casinos in different areas of the country and possibly abroad, in a network.The system supports 1 jackpot of 4 denomination levels each and 3 mysteries.


The MINI, MIDDLE, SUPPER Mysteries have minimum and maximum values, viewed on the screen directly under them. The Jackpot Board has some new functions, differing from the currently used (display of values). The history of the events as per kind, hour, casino and values of mysteries and jackpots, is viewed on the board as well as the total prizes, paid by the system up to the moment.

The screen is also unique – it allows to view the movement of the bets on the electronic roulettes in real time.

Sound effects and salutatory music accompany each grate event.