Magic Coin Roulette

The roulette with a classic design and modern features

Electronic Roulettes of Magic Coin are based on combining modern technology and well-known and established European roulette wheel with one zero. The classical game acquires new dimensions of innovation, which in addition provide a higher return for the player, contributing to a longer and attractive game.



Roulette is full of nice, rounded forms and modern design. The selected colors are warm range. They create a sense of prestige and aristocratement and with clearly visible tree colors is achieved the effect of natural and heat. Polyester varnish, covered the roulette, gives it depth and protects it against scratches.


Product’s ergonomics allows very convenient observation of the game, easy entering the bets and creates the necessary comfort for the player.


The roulettes are tested in manufacturing conditions with 50 000 cycles, to get an idea of the parameters of each roulette individually. Components are used by leading manufacturers and specialized controllers and software are fully developed by the company.

Terminals Betting

Betting is done on terminals equipped with a keyboard like the table for bids, monitor, which the player can see your bet, the buttons for bid of sectors - the so-called CALL BET, and buttons to change denomination and to call help menu.


Different levels of access based on passwords can be divided content information to their users - for the owner, the manager and the croupiers.



The innovative element in the game machine consists in the possibility of a player to bet on 3 wheels simultaneously, 3 WHEEL ROULETTE as one wheel is mechanical, and two virtual. The bet may be made for a three-wheel or wheels through the pyramids in help menu. In case of the player chooses a game on three wheels, it gets more bonus jackpots, as a the condition to win the jackpot is three wheels bet, one and the same number to be on the three wheels and exactly that one number to be selected by the player with a maximum bet, which is highlighted like cherry on the screen. The value of the jackpot is represented on the jackpot- board and the main screen. If the player wins the jackpot it will be credited to him/her.


The game provides additional premiums as three mysteries - small, medium and big, as their values are determined by the casino’s manager. The mysteries are represented on the jackpot- board and the main screen of the roulette. If the player wins the mystery it will be credited to him/her.



The statistics make it possible to obtain a picture of the distribution of individual numbers and betting sectors. Can be sampled for 24 hours, week, month and for the entire period.


Accounting is designed in a form that came apart and paid money can be monitored, and the percentage of the game for each place and the games machine totally.


The game machine allows different settings of the game cycle. Can be set the game duration, the timing of the launch of the ball, the speed of rotation of the roulette wheel, denominations and limits on the playing areas.

*The company offers the opportunity to produce the roulette with 10 terminals or by additional terminals upon request.

Main Screen

Magic Coin Roulette

Betting Terminal

Betting Terminal

Progressive Mystery

Jackpot Progressive
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